Problems and Solutions centre

Problems and Solutions centre

This problems and solutions summary offers help with problems in the field of Water Treatment, Fuel Oil Treatment, Engine Room & Deck Cleaners, Tank Cleaning, Cargo Hold Cleaning, Cruise Line & Accommodation and Specialty Products. E.g. scaling and corrosion, oil and grease contamination, sewage problems, etc.

Problems and solutions summary per category

Water Treatment

Boiler Water Treatment:




Scaling and corrosion to the boiler systems

Conditions boilers and protects against the 4 elements of the boiler water: boiler pH, hardness scale, condensate pH & boiler coagulant – suitable for boilers up to 35 bar pressure

Scale formation

Prevents scale, hardness by removing particles during blowdown. Alkalinity controls corrosion. Protects three elements of boiler water treatment. Suitable for low-pressure boilers

Fully Coordinated and High-Pressure Boilers:




Oxygen caused by low water temperature and high dissolved oxygen

Increase water temperature between 80 to 85°C, add oxygen scavenger and remove the dissolved oxygen

Condition the boiler to reduce the scale deposits in all boilers and all pressures

Condition hardness salts for blowdown. Maintains optimum pH, alkalinity and prevents corrosion and scale build-up

Scale deposits caused by excess of hardness salts. Scale also increases fuel operation

Maintains the boilers’ optimum phosphate levels to avoid scale and corrosion

Corrosion in feed water and condensate systems as a result of dissolved oxygen

Boiler steam is the only way to maintain acid and neutralise pH on the condensate

Corrosion in feed water and condensate systems as a result of dissolved oxygen

Superior oxygen scavenger based on neutralised organic acid

Remove sludge & oil contamination in the boiler steam system

Conditions and prevents the sludge in the boiler as well as removing oil

Scale deposits in seawater evaporators cooling water system

Prevents crystal growth and scale formation

Cooling Water Treatment:




Corrosion within a closed circuit on main engines or marine engines

Protects metal surfaces and maintains stable pH to prevent corrosion

Cooling engines and main engines or marine engines that freeze in low temperature

Protects the cooling water, lowers the freezing point. Can be used with VECOM MARINE cooling water treatment

Seawater intakes and seawater systems blocked by mussels and barnacles. Also corrosion in water lines, bilges and ballast tanks

Inject dispersant into sea chest to prevent biological contamination

Bacterial contamination in the cooling water or ballast tanks

Effective against bacteria and algae in cooling water or ballast water

Bacteria Control (not available in the Netherlands)

Corrosion in potable water systems

Prevents red water, corrosion and scale in ship’s potable water and other systems

Determination of alkalinity P & M. Range 0 – 400 ppm

Determination of chloride. Range 0 – 400 ppm

Determination of nitrite. Range 0 – 3400 ppm

Determination of phosphate as PO4 (0 – 80 mg/l)

Determination of Total Hardness. Range 0 – 30 ppm

Determination of DEHA (N,N-Diethylhydroxylamine) (0 – 0.5 mg/l or 0 to 500 ppb)

Fuel Oil Treatment




Water in the fuel, sludge from the separator, pump problems sludge in the tanks, coking of heaters, filters blocked, poor atomization, poor ignition

Specialised liquid product, containing solvents, dispersants, emulsifiers and surface-active ingredients combined with a combustion improver

Wax formation at cold temperatures, causing clogged filters and fuel solidification

Polymeric additive that improves the cold flow properties of middle distillates

Low-sulphur fuels, lubricity issues

A non-metallic, phosphorus-free lubricity improver for use in low-sulphur diesels and other middle distillates which have poor lubricity characteristics

Piston crown deposits, acid deposits, overheating of exhaust valves, poor atomization, poor ignition, poor combustibility, high & low temperature corrosion, turbocharger deposits

Product which acts as a combustion improver, carbon catalyst, ash modifier and smoke suppressant for diesel engines burning heavy fuel oils and boilers

Piston crown deposits, acid deposits, overheating of exhaust valves, poor atomization, poor ignition, poor combustibility, high & low temperature corrosion, turbocharger deposits

Liquid compound effective in reducing harmful effects of vanadium oxides and sodium salts in diesel engines

Turbocharger deposits

Organic material particles used for cleaning blades of gas side of exhaust gas turbochargers in diesel engines

Soot deposit in exhaust gas boilers

Liquid soot remover to prevent soot deposits in exhaust gas boilers at low temperature

Soot deposit build-up in exhaust gas economizers

Alkaline liquid for the removal of deposits before water washing

Soot deposit build-up in boiler and diesel engine exhaust systems

Dry powder compound or liquid with active blend of mineral-based salts, containing slag modifiers and carbon oxidation catalyst for safe removal of soot deposits

Oil quality assessment

Test kits

Engine Room & Deck Cleaners




Oil & grease contamination in tanks, deck and engine room

Solvent-based emulsion

Oil & grease contamination in tanks, deck and engine room

Water-based general-purpose degreaser – alternative to solvent-based  degreasers

Mineral oil on machinery parts, tools

Non-emulsifying, multipurpose, odourless degreaser

Oil & grease contaminated bulkheads, bilges, machinery spaces, decks and soiled areas

Quick-splitting solvent-based degreaser for use in combination with oil/water separators

Carbonaceous/varnish deposits on  LO & FO separator discs

Specially formulated cleaner without removing discs from the stack

Contaminated oil filters, cylinder heads and air coolers

Water-based multipurpose cleaner for use in ultrasonic baths and machines

Oxides, white powder (in tanks), lime residues and tarnished surfaces

Liquid rust, stain remover and  metal brightener for general and tank cleaning

Water scale and rust in boiler, cooling water system, heat exchanger, evaporator, etc.

Heavy-duty scale and rust remover in liquid or powder form

Partially carbonized oil in oil coolers and filters

Liquid filter cleaner

Oil contamination in air coolers

Effective cleaner to maintain and stabilize air cooler efficiency

Carbonaceous deposits in fuel injectors, burner tips, components, LO/FO coolers and machine parts

Liquid solvent emulsifier for removal of deposits by soaking or circulation

Oil & grease on electrical components, machine parts

Solvent with controlled evaporation, odourless and high flash point

Oil & grease on electrical equipment such as switchgear, contacts, coils

Electro cleaner with fast- drying  properties

Contaminated electrical equipment such as motors

Electro cleaner with slow-drying degreasing properties

Oil Spills on deck, harbours, beaches and rocky shores

Low-toxicity biodegradable oil treatments, dispersants, ready to use or concentrated

Grease, ink, tar, oil on hands

Specially formulated hand cleaner


Tank Cleaning




Oil and dirt in tanks, galley, accommodation, engine room, reefer boxes & wood/deck surfaces

Water-based concentrated general-purpose biodegradable cleaner

Edible oils in zinc silicate coated tanks and accommodation area

Neutral liquid degreasing agent. Can also be used on woodwork, leather, desks, painted areas and bulkheads

Traces of lead, chloride, sulphites on zinc silicate coated tanks

Water-based tank cleaner for removal of lead by spraying or circulation method

Edible and animal fats in cargo tanks as well as galley

Grease dissolving strong alkaline foam cleaner

Grease in heat exchangers, condensers and tanks

Water-based alkaline cleaner designed for high-pressure cleaning machines

Exhaust deposits on RO/RO vessels. Atmospheric deposits, oil and grease

Strong concentrated alkaline high-pressure cleaner. NSF approved

Removal of grease, oil, sludge, carbon deposits, dirt, grime, edible oils and fats

Environmentally friendly product with high degreasing properties, compatible with oil/water separators

Tanks contaminated with petroleum residues, crude and refined mineral oils

Tank cleaner with rapid penetration and high solvent power

Removal of heavy fuel oils, lube oils, grease, bitumen residues etc. in cargo storage tanks, pipeline systems, engine room, pump rooms, etc.

Very strong emulsifying solvent

Asphalt, heavy fuel oil, dopes, black tar, synthetic resins (i.e. epoxy) and styrene butadiene rubber

Extremely powerful solvent cleaner

For hydrocarbon-free cleaning

Water-based neutral degreaser with low foaming surfactants. Multipurpose product

Wall wash testing

Complete test kit for performing a hydrocarbon test, PTT time test, chloride, pH, an acid wash colour test and stainless steel passivation test

Cargo Hold Cleaning




Pet coke, animal fats, edible and fish oils. Cleaning of boiler furnace

Heavy-duty alkaline cleaner

Removal of saponifying animal fats and edible oils

Non-caustic heavy-duty alkaline cleaner

Removal of coal tar, crude benzene, pyrolyse gas oil,  bitumen and similar substances

Emulsifying cleaning agent with fast separating properties

Removal of cement and concrete splatter on cargo holds, machinery and equipment

Strong acid compound for removal of cement residues from most common metal surfaces

Removal of resins like MDI and TDI

Very strong liquid solvent, replacing conventional solvent cleaners. Environmentally friendly

Removal of latex

Highly concentrated, powerful  alkaline stripper for the removal of various kinds of latex

Removal of cement, concrete splatter, lime and rust deposits on the cargo holds

Multipurpose acid for removing cement, concrete splatter, lime and rust deposits

Protect cargo holds from different types of cargo loads

Environmentally and user-friendly product which creates a thin temporary film between the cargo hold and cargo surface

Wall wash testing

Complete test kit for performing a hydrocarbon test, PTT time test, chloride, pH, an acid wash colour test and stainless steel passivation test

Cruise Line & Accommodation




Unpleasant smells in domestic areas and tanks

Water-based liquid to mask unpleasant smells in galley, rest rooms, urinals, waste chutes, garbage areas

Sewage system maintenance

Acid salt complex which breaks scale and build-up. Keeps pipes and scuppers free from blockage

Wood/teak deck maintenance

Liquid for cleaning wood and teak by dissolving impurities, leaving surfaces bright

Sanitation maintenance

Environmentally superior sanitation treatment and cleaner, eliminates foul odours, deodorizes shipboard sanitation systems

Exhaust soot and grime, tyre marks, light oil and grease contamination

Mild alkaline liquid cleaner specially designed for use on RORO vessels and ferries

Uric acid deposits

Cleaner for effective removal of uric acid deposits, toilet descaler, general cleaner for sinks, showers, tubs

Grease, ink, tar, oil on hands

Specially formulated hand cleaner

Foaming in sewage and collecting tanks

Concentrated defoamer

Onboard sewage water testing

Simple user-friendly test kit

Onboard potable water testing

Test kit complete with dip slides, reagents and discovery incubator

Specialty Products – marine chemicals




Removal of weld slag, grinding dust, iron particles, heat corrosion

Pickling liquid specially formulated for austenitic stainless steel treatment

Removal of high temperature oxide scale and annealing colours in the weld seams and heat influenced areas

Pickling paste specially designed for stainless steels

Passivation after pickling

Passivating liquid suitable only for austenitic stainless steel

Pickling of outer surfaces of tanks and installations

Pickling liquid specially formulated for use by spraying method for austenitic stainless steel

Whether to pickle or not?

Test kit which reveals embedded iron particles on stainless steel

Checking passivity of storage and transport tanks

Passivity test kit

Preparation of rusted steel / sandblasted surfaces for painting or re-painting

Specially designed product which transforms the iron oxides into stable, insoluble blue-black metallo-organic complex inert surface

Detection of gasoline in tanks

Paste to provide clear indication of the gasoline level in tanks

Detection of water in gasoline and diesel fuel tanks

Paste for water detection

Unpleasant odours in tanks, domestic areas, waste areas, galleys, rest rooms and urinals

Water-based liquid for masking unpleasant smells