Gas Side Cleaner

Gas Side Cleaner

GAS SIDE CLEANER is an alkaline liquid for removal of deposits from exhaust gas economizers, after water washing.

Product description


GAS SIDE CLEANER is primarily intended for use in motor vessel exhaust gas heat recovery units of all designs. It can be used to clean fouled exhaust trunks. It is fully effective when used to wash down auxiliary and main boilers from the uptakes, through economizers, generating tube banks, superheaters, membrane walls, water walls and furnaces. It contains an additive to assist in the removal of vanadium.

Directions for use

GAS SIDE CLEANER is sprayed undiluted on a completely dry area on to the upper most point of the system. It contains a “clinging agent” and will run around tubes/fins and drain onto the next bank. A steady spray on the top area should be maintained until the complete unit is soaked. Very large systems may require spraying at different sections.

Please note: GAS SIDE CLEANER cannot be used after cleaning with water.


  1. Check if the casing drains to the bilge are open and clear (as applicable)
  2. Open the turbocharger casing drain to the bilge (as applicable)
  3. Prepare spray equipment and connect gas side cleaner drum
  4. Spray gas side cleaner starting from the highest points, ensuring that enough product is applied to allow thorough wetting of tubes/fins below and especially out of sight
  5. Allow soaking for 30 – 60 minutes
  6. Wash off deposits, starting from the highest point, using a fresh water jet
  7. Keep checking the drains of the casings during wash down
  8. Inspect system thoroughly, repeat if necessary

Standard packing

GAS SIDE CLEANER is usually available in plastic cans of 25 l.

Features & Benefits

  • Rapid and complete removal of soot
  • Neutralises acidic components
  • Reduces casing drain blockages
  • Maintains thermal efficiency of unit
  • Greatly reduces fire risks
  • Rapid removal of carbon and sulphur build-up
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