FOT LI 4100

FOT LI 4100

FOT LI 4100 is a non-metallic, phosphorus-free lubricity improver for use in low-sulphur diesels and other middle distillates, which possess poor lubricity characteristics. This additive has been developed to meet the industry’s most stringent performance requirements.

Product description


FOT LI 4100 is extremely effective at protecting rotary fuel injection equipment from wear when operating with fuels of low intrinsic lubricity, such as gas oil and diesel oil. FOT LI 4100 demonstrates excellent lubricity improving characteristics by both HFRR and SLBOCLE bench test procedures. This product offers very good solubility and therefore does not negatively affect filterability characteristics of the doped middle distillate.

Directions for use

The dosage rates required are very dependent on the severity and responsiveness of the middle distillates. Treat rates are at average 1:6 (one litre to 6 tons of gas oil / fuel oil). More specific the rate depends on the low-sulphur analysis and varies from 50 to 400 ppm.

Standard packing

FOT LI 4100 is usually available in steel drums of 25 l.

Features & Benefits

  • Improves the lubricity in all types of low-sulphur diesel fuels
  • Does not interact or lower the combustibility of the fuel
  • Can be used in all diesel packages as either a stand-alone product or as a component in the package
  • Meets the HFRR requirement and lubricity specifications, effective between 50 – 150 ppm range
  • Does not negatively affect filterability characteristics of the doped middle distillate
  • Extremely effective at protecting the fuel injectors on both engines and boiler systems
  • Reduces maintenance costs by protecting the engine from aggressive wear
  • Safe to use on all types of engine and all types of low-sulphur fuels
  • Does not form any type of corrosive elements in the combustion or post-combustion system
  • Quality assured product with extremely good solubility
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