Vecinox Pickling Paste 14LN

Vecinox Pickling Paste 14LN

Specially formulated water-based translucent pickling paste for stainless steels. For the removal of high temperature oxide scale and annealing colours in the area of weld seams and heat-influenced zones.

Product description

Applications & directions for use

Before commencing work with VECINOX PICKLING PASTE 14LN, safety precautions must be observed and protective equipment made use of. The product is to be stirred with a plastic or wood stirrer before use.

VECINOX PICKLING PASTE 14LN is to be painted generously on the pickling positions. The reaction time should be observed.
Upon completion, the process surface is to be rinsed under cold water, using a high-pressure water jet at a pressure of at least 120 bar. The rinsing effect can be improved and enhanced by employing plastic or stainless steel wire brushes. The washwater should then be neutralised with neutralising liquid or calcium hydroxide.


Rusty and acid-resistant steels, stainless steels: 15 – 60 minutes.

The reaction time period depends on the quality of the materials that are to be treated, as well as on the ambient air and materials temperature. The optimal pickling temperature is 18 – 20°C. Working in direct sunlight should be avoided because of the danger of premature drying.


1 kg of VECINOX PICKLING PASTE 14LN is sufficient for approx. 50 – 80 running meters of weld seam + heated area.

VECINOX PICKLING PASTE 14LN contains no hydrochloric acid and no chloride. It is a low-NOx product.

Standard packing

VECINOX PICKLING PASTE 14LN is usually available in boxes containing 6 jars of 2 kg.

Features & Benefits

  • Water-based
  • Removes high temperature oxide scale from stainless steel
  • Removes annealing colours in the area of weld seams
  • Cleans and pickles stainless steel, nickel, nickel alloys, copper & copper nickel alloys
  • Fast acting
  • Easy to use and cost-effective
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