C-Clean Eco

C-Clean Eco

C-CLEAN ECO is an extremely powerful cleaner, specially designed to remove oil, grease, black tar, distillation residues and several synthetic resins.

Product description

C-CLEAN ECO is much more effective than alkaline cleaners. In most cases C-CLEAN ECO can replace conventional cleaning solvents such as petroleum and white spirit. In water C-CLEAN ECO as an emulsion is much more effective than most undiluted solvents. Especially suitable to be used in circulation systems.

Waste containing C-CLEAN ECO easily phase separates in a conventional gravitation oil/water separator. A 90% reduction on product consumption and a significant reduction on waste costs can easily be achieved by using C-CLEAN ECO instead of solvent cleaners.
C-CLEAN ECO is produced from natural raw materials and is safe to use because of its high flash point.


C-CLEAN ECO is designed for the removal of:

  • Mineral oil
  • Heavy fuel oil
  • Dopes, additives and lubricants
  • Asphalt
  • Distillation residues
  • Black tar
  • Several synthetic resins (e.g. epoxy)
  • Styrene butadiene rubber

Directions for use

To remove heavy contamination such as asphalt, distillation residues, black tar, resins and rubbers, use a 0.5 – 2% emulsion of C-CLEAN ECO and circulate at 50 – 70°C. Cleaning time depends on the amount and nature of the contamination. After cleaning, drain the system and rinse with water.

For normal contamination (heavy fuel oil, grease, dopes, additives and other lubricants), use a 0.2 – 0.5% emulsion of C-CLEAN ECO in water. Cleaning time and temperature is dependent on the nature of the contamination. After cleaning, drain system and rinse with water.

Standard packing

C-CLEAN ECO is usually available in steel drums of 25 l and 200 l.

Features & Benefits

  • Has a high solvency power in comparison to other solvent cleaners
  • Natural solvents
  • Non-toxic
  • Safe to use because of its high flash point
  • Leaves surfaces residual-free
  • Can be used in low concentrations
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