Condensate Treat

Condensate Treat

Organic oxygen scavenger and corrosion inhibitor for feedwater, steam lines and condensate systems.

Product description

CONDENSATE TREAT is an environmentally superior oxygen scavenger based on neutralised organic acids and a blend of volatile neutralising amines. The function of the neutralised organic acids is to remove oxygen from the feedwater and form an organic compound on the steel surfaces of the boiler.

CONDENSATE TREAT also provides excellent protection on copper-based metals. The specialised blend of amines has little or no effect on the boiler itself, but carries over with the steam in a gaseous form, dissolving finally into the condensate. This reaction elevates the condensate pH (9.0 – 10.5), neutralising the carbonic acid and filming the system, protecting it from corrosion. CONDENSATE TREAT’s filming properties also reduce corrosion during shutdown in lines where moisture and oxygen are present.

Directions for use

CONDENSATE TREAT is dosed at a rate to maintain a pH of 9 – 10.5 in the condensate returns. Oxygen entrainment is largely influenced by the hot well temperatures. If these are maintained above 75°C, the condensate pH range of pH 9 – 9.5 is adequate. If hot well temperature control is erratic and averages less than 75°C, tighter control is necessary and condensate returns should be kept in range pH 9.5 – 10.5. It is not necessary to carry out oxygen or product residual tests.

Initial dosage

CONDENSATE TREAT is initially dosed at 0.2 l/m3 boiler water. Systems showing signs of corrosion should be increased to 0.7 l/m3 boiler water for the first few days in order to passivate all metal surfaces.

Daily dosage

After initial dose, start metering at a minimum of 0.4 l/day continuously and adjust to obtain correct condensate pH.

Dosing equipment

It is recommended that CONDENSATE TREAT be dosed continuously in conjunction with BOILER TREAT COMBI via a metering pump and tank unit, discharging directly into the feed system and/or the exhaust gas economizer circulating pump discharge. It must never be slug dosed to a running system via the hot well or by-pass feeder.

Standard packing

CONDENSATE TREAT is usually available in plastic cans of 25 l.

Features & Benefits

  • A very concentrated liquid condensate treatment
  • Protects steam and condensate lines against corrosion
  • Very easy to test and to determine the level of treatment needed
  • Neutralises acidic conditions occurring in condensate system
  • Volatilises with the steam and is recycled through the feed system
  • Reduces downtime and maintenance
  • Reduces operation cost and increases reliability
  • Easy to use and easy to dose
  • Environmentally safe, non-toxic product
  • Effective oxygen scavenger
  • Highly specialised single product for control of corrosion throughout the steam lines and condensate system
  • Quick, simple and accurate testing
  • An effective iron tannate film also assures excellent boiler surface protection
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