Hardness Control Liquid

Hardness Control Liquid

Liquid boiler water conditioner.

Product description

HARDNESS CONTROL LIQUID is a highly efficient phosphate-based liquid, designed to stop calcium ions from adhering to the metal surfaces and condition them for blowdown. This product is easy to use and easy to dose.


HARDNESS CONTROL LIQUID is added to the boiler water to maintain an optimum phosphate level. Under these conditions, calcium and magnesium hardness salts cannot form and the precipitate can be removed by blowdown.
Please note: This product is part of a VECOM MARINE coordinated treatment and should not be used with a combined treatment.

Directions for use

The dosage of the product is 200 ml/l. For optimum results, the product should be dosed directly into the boiler via a by-pass pot feeder installed in the boiler feed line.

Initial dosage

Initial dosage for untreated water is 200 ml of HARDNESS CONTROL LIQUID per ton of water. Dosages should be adjusted in accordance with the recommended phosphate levels.

Control limits

The recommended control limits are:

Hardness : Zero
Phosphate : 20 – 40 ppm (low-pressure boiler)
Phosphate : 10 – 30 ppm (high-pressure boiler)

Analysis is carried out using VECOM MARINE TEST KIT PHOSPHATE.

Standard packing

HARDNESS CONTROL LIQUID is usually available in plastic cans of 25 l.

Features & Benefits

  • Quick dissolving, fast acting phosphate-based compound
  • Reduces hardness in boiler water and prevents formation of calcium and magnesium scale
  • Converts hardness salts to non-adherent sludge that can be removed by blowdown
  • Easy to mix and easy to dose
  • Simple to test and simple to control level of treatment
  • Can be used on all types of boilers and all pressures
  • Maintains the boilers’ optimum phosphate levels to avoid scale and corrosion
  • Stops the boiler from scaling and maintains the system in optimal condition
  • Economical to use
  • Reduces the need for chemical cleaning
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