Steamclean HPC-NF

Steamclean HPC-NF

STEAMCLEAN HPC-NF is an alkaline cleaner based on surfactants and inhibitors.

Product description


  • Cleaning of soft and light, non oxidised vegetable and animal oil residues from tank surfaces
  • Suitable for use on most tank coatings including aluminium, zinc alloy and other light metal alloys
  • Cleaning of steam sides of condensers
  • Cleaning of oil and grease residues in heat exchangers, pre-heaters, etc.
  • Cleaning of atmospheric contamination

Directions for use

For high-pressure work allow STEAMCLEAN HPC-NF to penetrate for 5 – 10 minutes in a temperature of 20 – 80°C before washing off to prevent STEAMCLEAN HPC-NF from drying on the surface to be cleaned and forming edges; keep it damp. Cleaning effect is greatly increased by working with warm water.

For high-pressure work dilute STEAMCLEAN HPC-NF to a 0.1 – 2.0% solution.


  • Cleaning of tanks should, if possible, be carried out immediately after discharge of contents.
  • STEAMCLEAN HPC-NF should be mixed in a 5 – 25% solution with fresh water and applied at a temperature 20 – 80°C where possible.
  • Apply by circulation, spray, steam or soak. For fast and efficient cleaning best results are obtained by using fixed and portable tank cleaning machines such as Butterworth or similar.
  • Flush out tanks after final cleaning, preferably with fresh water.


  • Prepare a 3 – 8% solution of STEAMCLEAN HPC-NF with fresh water.
  • Apply by circulation for 24 hours, or by filling condenser or heat exchanger approx. half full, heating and agitating by steam lance or auxiliary steam line. A temperature of 60 – 90°C should be maintained during cleaning process.
  • Drain and thoroughly flush with fresh/demineralised water.

Standard packing

STEAMCLEAN HPC-NF is usually available in plastic cans of 25 l and plastic drums of 200 l.

Features & Benefits

  • Water-based
  • Designed for high-pressure cleaning machines and immersion baths
  • Tank cleaning of vegetable, animal and mineral oil residues
  • Degreasing of heat exchangers, condensers, etc.
  • Light detergent power
  • Leaves grease-free surfaces
  • Rapid penetration
  • Rapid rinsing
  • Can be used on most metals, rubber, varnish, plastic, tin, zinc, copper and their alloys
  • Saves time and reduces labour costs

Product complies with Marpol 71/17 Add.1 Annex 21, page 1, Resolution MEPC 295 (71) guidelines for implementation of Marpol Annex V (adopted on 7 July, 2017). Click here for more information.

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