Evaporator Treat

Evaporator Treat

EVAPORATOR TREAT is a specially formulated liquid compound containing neutral acid sequestering inhibiting agents for the prevention of scale build-up in evaporators.

Product description


EVAPORATOR TREAT is used in both high- and low-pressure evaporators to prevent foaming, carry-over and scale formation.

Directions for use

EVAPORATOR TREAT should be diluted in fresh water and fed continuously to the evaporator feedwater line or directly into the evaporator shell using a recommended dosing system consisting of dosing tank with flow meter and suitable eductor or a metering pump system. A dosage rate of 25 ml EVAPORATOR TREAT per ton of distillate is recommended. E.g. for a 40 metric ton per day evaporator, 1 l of EVAPORATOR TREAT should be used daily. Solution strength and fed rates should be calculated to give the required dosage through continuous feeding.


  • Brine density should not exceed 1.5/32 (specific gravity: 1.038g/cm3). Scale formation increases rapidly at higher brine densities.
  • Prior to starting treatment it is recommended to remove any existing scale in the evaporator. DESCALER POWDER NI or DESCALING LIQUID EXTRA are recommended for this purpose.

Schematic arrangement

Dosing equipment for evaporator treatment & other specified products

Standard packing

EVAPORATOR TREAT is usually available in plastic cans of 25 l.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to use and easy to control dosage
  • Safe to use with evaporators where distillate is used for drinking purposes
  • Gradually removes existing scale when dosage is increased to twice the normal rate
  • Maintains optimum evaporator performance
  • Prevents scale formation and avoids the need for acid descaling
  • Reduces foaming and carry-over into the distillate
  • Not detrimental to distillate purity
  • Reduces downtime and maintenance
  • Biodegradable
  • Can be used in all types of evaporator, both vacuum type or high-pressure type
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