Vecinox Passivating Liquid

Vecinox Passivating Liquid

VECINOX PASSIVATING LIQUID is a specially formulated liquid treatment for austenitic stainless steel. The liquid forms a uniform passive oxide layer.

Product description


VECINOX PASSIVATING LIQUID is only suitable for use on austenitic stainless steel. The product is mainly used for passivating stainless steel installations and tanks. VECINOX PASSIVATING LIQUID is used after pickling and provides a passive oxide layer.

Directions for use

Treatment can take place only if the steel has been pickled previously. The product may be used by circulation, spraying and in an immersion bath.

This method is mainly used for treatment of pipelines. The pipeline is filled with an undiluted solution VECINOX PASSIVATING LIQUID with water and should be circulated through a special acid pump. Treatment time is approximately 2 hours. Drain the lines and flush through thoroughly with demineralised water. After drying the lines, test the passivity of the steel with a TEST KIT OXILYSER 3. The used VECINOX PASSIVATING LIQUID should be neutralised before disposal.

This method is mainly used for treatment of large surfaces such as cargo and storage tanks. The product is sprayed as an undiluted solution using a suitable tank washing machine. Coverage is approximately 4 – 6 m² per litre. The treatment procedure is the same as the circulation method.

This method is used mainly for treatment of internal and external surfaces at the same time. The articles to be treated are immersed into a plastic or plastic lined bath. The treatment procedure is the same as the circulation method.

For cleaning aluminium, dilute VECINOX PASSIVATING LIQUID to a 10% solution with water. Cleaning time is approximately 2 hours. Rinse thoroughly with demineralised water. Neutralise before draining.

Standard packing

VECINOX PASSIVATING LIQUID is usually available in plastic cans of 25 l and plastic drums of 200 l.

Features & Benefits

  • Water-based
  • Easy to use
  • Very economical
  • Fast passivating reaction
  • Forms uniform passive oxide layer
  • Suitable for cleaning aluminium
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