Test Cabinet Fuel and Lube Oil

Test Cabinet Fuel and Lube Oil

Portable laboratory for efficient and exact condition monitoring of fuel, lube and hydraulic oil in engines.

Product description


The TEST CABINET FUEL AND LUBE OIL is a comprehensive portable laboratory specifically designed to conduct an extensive range of various test analyses on-site in order to monitor effectively the condition of fuels, lubricating and hydraulic oils in the engines systems. The test devices included in the test cabinet allow measuring the required oil properties on a regular basis and in simple and quick test procedures. As the end results can be assessed directly after the test, any occurring changes in the oil condition are immediately observable, and the respective adequate measures regarding maintenance and services can be taken at the exact time when it is necessary.

Devices included in basic version:
• V 150 Salt Check
• V 5108 Twin Check
• V 310 Spot Check
• V 232 Visco Dens Plus
• V 200 Viscosity Comparator
• V 351 Compatibility Check

• V 750 Flash Point Check (contains hazardous goods)
• V 400 Pour Point Check

Parameters to measure

Water in oil:

  • Measuring range: 0 – 1.0 vol. % H2O
  • Measuring time: about 20 min.
  • Accuracy: ± 3%

Base Number:

  • Measuring range: 0 – 100 BN
  • Measuring time: about 20 min.
  • Accuracy: ± 1 BN

Oil viscosity:

  • Measuring range: max. lube oil
  • Measuring time: about 3 min.

Heated electronic falling ball viscosity:

  • Measuring range:
    • Viscosity: 1 – 999 mm²/s
    • Density: 0.82 – 1.05 g/ml
  • Measuring time: about 15 min.
  • Oil sample: approx. 200 ml
  • Accuracy: ± 3%

Salt water contamination:

  • Measuring range: go / no go
  • Measuring time: about 10 min.

Spot test:

  • Measuring range: all lube oils
  • Measuring time: about 1 min.

Compatibility check:

  • Measuring range: all heavy fuel oils
  • Measuring time: about 10 min.


Standard packing

The dimensions of the TEST CABINET FUEL AND LUBE OIL are 66 x 38 x 50 cm. The weight is 29 Kg.

Features & Benefits

  • Various tests for comprehensive oil condition assessment
  • Easy and quick test procedures
  • Compact and fastenable to a wall
  • Built-in lighting and test desk



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