Tankclean HD Split

Tankclean HD Split

TANKCLEAN HD SPLIT is a specially designed strong emulsifying cleaning agent for the removal of heavy mineral oils, bitumen deposits and residues.

Product description


TANKCLEAN HD SPLIT is suitable for the cleaning of heavy fuel oils, lube oils, grease, bitumen residues, etc., from cargo storage tanks, pipeline systems, engine rooms, pump rooms, etc.

Directions for use

Depending on the degree of contamination, TANKCLEAN HD SPLIT can be used undiluted, or diluted with fresh water in a 2 – 20% solution at 20 – 50°C. Time required for cleaning may vary from 1 – 20 hours. See cleaning methods stated below. After cleaning is completed rinse thoroughly with fresh water. After cleaning gather the emulsion in a separate tank and allow to settle for 24 hours. During the cleaning process the emulsion is stable, but upon settling the emulsion will separate into a water and an oil phase. The oil phase will also contain the utilised TANKCLEAN HD SPLIT. The water phase will usually contain less than 100 PPM of oil. Before discharging the water it should be neutralised. The pH should be reduced from 12 to 6.5 – 10, depending on requirements. Neutralising is done by adding acid to the water.


  • Before cleaning with TANKCLEAN HD SPLIT it is always recommended to pre-wash for 2 hours with hot water at approx. 60°C.
  • For drying and semi-drying oils pre-wash with cold water.


  • In a separate tank prepare a chemical solution, which contains, depending on the degree of contamination, 2 – 6% of TANKCLEAN HD SPLIT.
  • Circulate this chemical solution via the automatic tank washing system pump and heater to the tank to be cleaned.
  • Wash the tanks for 1 – 3 hours using a cargo pump.
  • Return the solution to the first separate tank via the stripping line.
  • After washing rinse the tank thoroughly with fresh water depending on requirements and availability.


  • Spray undiluted TANKCLEAN HD SPLIT directly on all tank surfaces, using an air-operated drum pump connected with a delivery hose and hand spray gun.
  • Depending on the degree of contamination let the product soak for 30 minutes to 2 hours.
  • Rinse the tank for 45 minutes with water at 60°C, using the automatic tank washing machines. For spot cleaning only use hand-held hose for rinsing.
  • The hand spraying method is the most economical in usage of chemicals, but the tanks have to be gas-free to enable the men to enter them. Hand spraying takes more time.


  • For spot cleaning use the hand spraying method described above.

Standard packing

TANKCLEAN HD SPLIT is usually available in steel drums of 25 l and 200 l.

Features & Benefits

  • Very strong emulsifying solvent
  • Extremely economical and easy to use
  • Concentrated marine and industrial tank cleaner
  • After 24 hours settling the emulsion is broken up into a water and an oil phase; the oil phase contains the utilised cleaner
  • Suitable for heavy duty cleaning of engine rooms and pump rooms
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