Antifoulant for sea chest and water cooling systems.

Product description

ECOSPERSE is a very effective amine based liquid marine sea growth dispersant and is the most advanced and ecological version of an antifoulant. ECOSPERSE prevents and controls marine growth and reduces corrosion in the sea chest and seawater cooling systems, due to its excellent filming properties.


ECOSPERSE gives complete protection against corrosion and fouling by marine growth such as algae, moss, shellfish and micro-organisms in seawater cooling systems.

Directions for use

It is essential that systems are completely free from marine growth before treatment with ECOSPERSE. Therefore where necessary, clean the systems with DESCALING LIQUID EXTRA or DESCALER POWDER NI. Sea growth needs to have a base to attach to. If the systems are not clear of sea growth prior to using ECOSPERSE, this will give the sea growth something to attach to.

ECOSPERSE should be injected into the sea chests with VECOM MARINE dosing equipment, once every two days for one hour, according to the flow rate of seawater in each particular system. When vessel is in harbour, or in prolific zones of shellfish, the frequency of treatment should be increased to once every other day.

3 ppm of ECOSPERSE is sufficient to prevent fouling. To achieve this dose rate 0.3 l of product is required for every 100 ton per hour of seawater flowing through the system.

ECOSPERSE should be dosed into the suction box or strainers at the rate of 0.3 l every 100 tons flow over a period of one hour every 48 hours.

ECOSPERSE should be metered into the suction boxes or strainers at the rate of 0.3 l every 100 tons of seawater flow over a period of 24 hours.

Example: for circulating pumps of 250 T/H dose (0.3 x 500 =) 1.5 l of ECOSPERSE for 1 hour.

Schematic arrangement

Typical installation of ECOSPERSE dosing equipment. Injection point can be fitted also in the sea chest strainer box.

Standard packing

ECOSPERSE is usually available in plastic cans of 25 l.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to use liquid treatment for removal of sea growth
  • Non-toxic and non-pollutant product
  • Biodegradable
  • Consistent usage provides long lasting protection
  • Prevents marine growth in filter boxes, seawater lines and heat exchangers
  • Reduces maintenance and downtime
  • Suitable for all types of seawater systems, either flowing or static
  • Ensures maximum thermal efficiency by keeping heat transfer surfaces free from deposits
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