Electroclean CF

Electroclean CF

Newly-formulated specially designed electro cleaner. It is odourless, non-emulsifying and non-conductive.

Product description


ELECTROCLEAN CF can be applied with a brush or by spraying the parts to be cleaned. It can also be used to clean extremely soiled parts in a bath. The high flash point and odourless properties makes it a pleasant and problem free product to use.

Directions for use

In immersion baths ELECTROCLEAN CF is used undiluted. No heating required. Put the parts to be cleaned into the bath for several hours. Then take the parts out of the bath and spray clean with a forceful water jet.

For cleaning soiled parts use ELECTROCLEAN CF undiluted. Moisten the parts to be cleaned thoroughly with the product. Depending on the degree of contamination, allow the product to soak for 5 – 60 minutes, brushing in between. Then rinse thoroughly with water.

Attention: Parts that need to be rust-free and dry (such as electrical components) should not be sprayed with water but with ELECTROCLEAN CF and blown completely dry to avoid risk of fire (in case residues are left behind).

Standard packing

ELECTROCLEAN CF is usually available in steel drums of 25 l and 200 l.

Features & Benefits

  • Special degreasing agent for removal of oil & grease from electrical components, machine parts, ball bearings, etc.
  • Odourless, evaporates without leaving residue
  • Does not contain chlorinated hydrocarbons or harmful chemicals
  • Powerful solvent with controlled evaporation
  • Non-corrosive
  • Easy to use and very economical
  • Does not emulsify in water, oil can be separated via oil/water separator
  • High flash point
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