Condensate Control

Condensate Control

Steam & condensate conditioner.

Product description

CONDENSATE CONTROL is a liquid product containing neutralising amines readily miscible in water. It is used for prevention against corrosion in low- and high-pressure boiler steam and condensate systems.


CONDENSATE CONTROL is injected into the condensate pump discharge frequently to prevent corrosion in the steam and condensate lines. It can also be used to protect idle boilers from corrosion.

Directions for use

The regular dosage of CONDENSATE CONTROL depends largely on the amount of carbon dioxide that has dissolved into the condensate. CONDENSATE CONTROL should be injected into the condensate line frequently to maintain a pH between 8.3 – 9. A typical dosage for a 10 ton system would require 0.25 l per day. Increase or decrease the dosage with 25% if the daily dosage does not result in the required pH value.

CONDENSATE CONTROL may be added into the feedwater. However, it must be injected into the feed line and not into the cascade tank. This is to ensure that the product does not volatilise before entering the boiler.

Standard packing

CONDENSATE CONTROL is usually available in plastic cans of 25 l.

Features & Benefits

  • Very economical treatment that carries over with the steam and is recycled in the system
  • Protects steam and condensate lines against corrosion
  • Very easy to test and to determine the level of treatment needed
  • Neutralises acidic conditions occurring in condensate system
  • Volatilises with the steam and is recycled through the feed system
  • Used to protect the condensate and boiler feedwater system
  • Reduces downtime and maintenance
  • Reduces operation cost and increases reliability
  • Easy to use liquid treatment
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