Air Fresh

Air Fresh

Water-based liquid to mask unpleasant smells in tanks and domestic areas. The liquid is based on perfumed oils in water. Safe to use on most common metals and coatings.

Product description


AIR FRESH is used if the smell of the previous cargo (fish oil or turpentine, etc.) is perceptible after tank cleaning. It is recommended that the cause of the smell is determined before applying the product. If bad cleaning causes the smell, the tank should be cleaned again because application of the product into an unclean tank may cause a surveyor to reject.

Directions for use

AIR FRESH is sprayed in a 10% dilution with water. Allow the product to evaporate for a reasonable period. It is also possible to dose 0.1 – 1% of the product to the last rinsing water after cleaning the tank. After treatment thoroughly ventilate the tank before entering.

Standard packing

AIR FRESH is usually available in plastic cans of 5 l and 25 l.

Features & Benefits

  • Extremely good for odour control
  • Water-based
  • Fast acting, environmentally friendly and easy to handle
  • Designed to mask unpleasant smells in tanks
  • Masks odour from fish oil or turpentine, etc.
  • Masks odours from waist shoots, garbage areas and waste collection areas
  • Can also be used in galleys, rest rooms and urinals
  • Rapid and long term effect
  • Easy to use and cost-effective
  • Can be sprayed through a hand pump spay unit or refillable spray can
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