Liquid Coagulant

Liquid Coagulant

Oil and sludge conditioner. LIQUID COAGULANT is a synthetic organic polymer of high molecular weight in a viscous aqueous solution. It has an added antifoam agent and can be diluted with water to any required concentrations.

Product description


LIQUID COAGULANT is used to prevent formation of adherent deposits and sticky sludge in boilers. The deposits and sludge are then removed by normal blowdown. LIQUID COAGULANT can also be used in the event of an oil contamination. The oil will be coagulated for removal by blowdown. However, if the oil contamination is excessive and continuous, the source of contamination must be stopped immediately and off-line cleaning is necessary to restore normal operation of the boiler.

Directions for use

For optimum results, LIQUID COAGULANT should be dosed directly into the boiler via a VECOM MARINE dosing unit installed in the boiler feed line after the return line to the hot well. Any type of boiler coagulants should not be dosed into the hot well, as it will coagulate in the hot well and become an issue at a later stage.


An initial dose of 15 ml/day/ton of boiler water is recommended. For maintenance dose, this quantity can be reduced or increased accordingly. Bottom blowdown should be made on a daily basis when using liquid coagulant. Blowdown should be done as per the boiler operating manual.

Standard packing

LIQUID COAGULANT is usually available in plastic cans of 25 l.

Features & Benefits

  • Liquid coagulant, easy to use and easy to dose
  • Non-foaming, fast acting particle and sludge remover
  • Coagulates oil in the boiler water for removal by blowdown
  • Fluidizes and disperses sludge
  • Prevents deposits from adhering to boiler surfaces
  • Keeps sludge dispersed and makes it heavier in the water for efficient removal by blowdown
  • Coagulates oil and other contaminants for easy removal
  • Keeps the boiler system clean and extends the boiler efficiency
  • Reduces need for chemical cleaning and operational downtime
  • Can be used in both combined treatment as an additional, or as a fully coordinated treatment
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