Test Kit WIO Check

Test Kit WIO Check

Water-in-oil measuring device.

Product description


Water-in-oil is the omnipresent threat to any mineral oil application. TEST KIT WIO CHECK has been both developed and designed to achieve immediate indication on the level of this threat directly on-site, and therefore measures can be taken in due course. The device is helpful in daily operation in order to provide continuous trend analysis and consequently constant reassurance about water-in-oil content.

Directions for use

The two-chamber system designed inside the device implies a simple and quick test procedure. Once the reagent and the oil sample are filled into the required chambers, the measurement can start immediately by shaking the device. As soon as the indicator arrow on the gauge stops moving over 1-2 minutes, the measurement can be cut off and the end result can be noted. It is therefore possible to determine the exact end of the actual reaction.

Features & Benefits

  • Measuring range: 0 – 0.4 or 0 – 1.0 vol. % H2O
  • Measuring time: up to 20 min.
  • Accuracy: ± 3%
  • Direct read-out of water content in vol. %
  • Only one reagent is necessary
  • Applicable for all mineral oil based fluids
  • Easy to use even for untrained personnel
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